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Created by

Sam Jay Gold

in collaboration with Ali Goss, Liz Oakley, and Chris Carcione

Performed by

Sam Jay Gold, Ali Goss, and Liz Oakley


Dan Gold and Ralph Gold

Puppet Design & Construction by

Sam Jay Gold

Costumes Design & Construction by

Patricia Gold

Sound Design by

Ian Coss

All Vows was first developed at St. Ann’s Warehouse Puppet Lab with Matt Acheson and Lake Simons as Lab Co-Directors at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, in 2019. Additional development was made possible with the generous support of The Jim Henson Foundation.

All Vows was created partially in residence at Live Arts at the Morris Museum.

History, memory, and imagination collide in this new work of puppet theater about the possibly true life of Poppy, a Russian Jewish refugee raised in China. All Vows features five hand-carved wooden puppets, each modeled after Sam’s own grandfather at different ages in his life. The show explores what it means to suddenly realize you’re both an inheritor and active participant in your family history—and that that history is a mess.

Performed May 6-8, 2022

at The Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ

All Vows -- Poppy Convention_edited.jpg
All Vows -- Italy Column.jpg
All Vows -- Poppy 4 and 1.JPG
All Vows -- To The Stars.JPG
All Vows -- Poppy 5 with Pictures 2.jpg
All Vows -- Timeline.png
All Vows -- Playing Cards.JPG
All Vows -- Poppy 4 + 5.png
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