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An experiment in seeing locations not as what they are, but as what they could be. The Anywhere Festival of Everywhere Stages is a tiny festival that can happen anywhere, because there are stages everywhere! A team of puppeteers performs a series of miniature site-specific puppet shows that take place on found "stages," or scraps of overlooked urban infrastructure. Tiny red curtains transform fire hydrants, mailboxes, ledges, and lampposts into stages for small puppet performers. 

The first-ever Anywhere Festival of Everywhere Stages occurred May 14-16, 2021 on the north west corner of 14th St and 8th Avenue in Manhattan.


Presented by Art In Odd Places: NORMAL


Concept, Puppets, and Stages by Liz Oakley

Puppetry and Performance Creation by Emily Baldwin, Anooj Bhandari, Amanda Card, Arlee Chadwick, Emmanuel Elpenord, Michaela Farrell, Ali Goss, Jenny Hann, Lexy Ho-Tai, Kateri Krantz-Odendahl, Jake Kuhn, Michael Lester, Rowan Magee, Tyler Quick

The project received the May 2021 NYC Awesome Grant.

Teaser video! Footage by Rowan Magee.

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