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Puppet Designer

A one-woman show, created and performed by Alexis Ingram, about the experience of being a Black egg donor.


Written, directed and performed by Alexis Ingram
VO by Olivia Khoshatefeh
Managed by Polly Feliciano
Workshop video shot by Tom Walsh
Workshop video edited by Eileen Slavin
Music by Stephen Decaltaldo
Puppet Design by Liz Oakley
Workshop performed at Mixed Magic Theatre, Fall 2020
Supported by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts
Liz Oakley (in)ferUTILITY puppet
Uterus Puppet
Uterus Puppet
Uterus Puppet
Alexis Ingram (in)ferUTILITY
Alexis Ingram (in)ferUTILITY
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