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Puppet Designer, Puppeteer, & Map-Maker

Mortal Meal Services is a promenade-style play for an audience of one at the Woodlands Cemetery in West Philadelphia. In it, Mortal Meal Services invites audiences to go on a whimsical, interactive hero’s journey to craft the perfect Last Meal. With the help of the one-and-only Chef Sohrab and other guides, the audience just might make it to the Afterlife Aftertimes Afterparty for the meal of a lifetime and a taste of wonder in the face of grief. But time is running out!


Mortal Meal Services was created by Lead Artist Mieke D, written in collaboration with Manny Rivera and the co-performers, Sohrab Haghverdi and Jillian Jetton.

Puppetry and Map-Making: Liz Oakley

Advisement: Makoto Hirano 

Production Management: Jacob Gilbert

Stage Management: Leslie Ann Boyden  

Videography: Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe

Photography: Ryan Pater

Presented as part of the Pig Iron Theatre CATAPULT series

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