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A Chair Goes for a Walk (2020)


A small chair went for a walk at Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia, ending with a thoughtful moment looking out at the Schuykill River.          


March of the Me's (2018)


A beachfront New Year’s Day procession. Costumes and props created by Liz Oakley, Jake Kuhn, Kali Quinn, and Rebecca Carroll.             

Mad Hatter's Parade (2019)


In 2019, Processional Arts Workshop produced the first-ever Mad Hatter's Parade in Hudson, NY.

I served as workshop assistant for the event, helping to facilitate puppet and hat-making workshops in town. This image is from a giant puppet workshop at the Hudson Area Library.

Mad Hatters Parade Workshop (1).jpg

Odysseus at Hell Gate (2011)


A procession in Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, created by Processional Arts Workshop, that crossed stories of the islands in the Odyssey with the true history of islands in the East River.

I helped build and puppeteered one of these ghost puppets. Fun fact - this was the experience that got me hooked on puppetry!

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