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daily walk

Created for Luna Loba, curated by Shey Rivera

Presented on the internet

March 2020

A New You

Performed at Undiscovered Countries

Judson Memorial Church, NYC

January 2020



Puppet Showplace Slam

Brookline, MA

September 2017

Photos by Astin Stratoti

A Shoebox of One's Own

Created in a workshop with Matthieu Enderlin

during the Annual Actor-Puppeteer Training

Théâtre aux Mains Nues, Paris, France

Spring 2019

box show 1.JPG

i was just full and now i'm hungry again

Performed at Luna Loba, curated by Shey Rivera

AS220 Black Box Theatre, Providence, RI

December 2017

Photos by Corinne Wahlberg

Luna Loba 1.jpg
Luna Loba 2.jpg
Two Chairs.jpg
box show 2.JPG
box show 3.JPG
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